Niall Keatings Great British Menu experience Series 15 

The format for the 2020 series of Great British Menu followed 32 chefs competing over 8 weeks, each UK  region had one winner chosen to cook again as one of the final 8 chefs for a chance to have their dish in the banquet menu. Included in the 8 remaining chef’s was our very own Niall Keating whose cooking  impressed the judges at each step of the competition. So much so that Niall’s fish course ” The witches of the northern lights” was featured in the final banquet and this led to him being crowned Champion of Great British Menu 2020.

Niall’s Great British Menu 

  • Amuse Bouche – Tempura oyster wrapped in nori
  • Starter – Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms
  • Fish course – The Witches of the Northern Lights
  • Main course – Aye up Duck! Duck… Goose
  • Pre desert- Staffordshire oatcakes
  • Desert – Harry Potter inspired chocolate frog

Inspiration for Great British Menu 2020 

Whatley Executive Chef, Niall Keating is no stranger to competitions but when given the chance to represent his hometown of Stoke on Trent, cooking in the Central region heats of Great British Menu he was both proud and a little bit nervous!

The theme for Great British Menu this year is famous children’s authors, creating a great opportunity to take inspiration from some of Niall’s favourite books from his childhood.

We thought we would ask a few questions to find out more!

Niall what was your favourite book as a child?

James and the Giant Peach was a standout favourite but Charlie and the Chocolate was too, the backdrop was similar to Stoke on Trent and Charlie was a bit of a hero of mine.

One of your dishes is a tribute to Harry Potter, were you a fan?

I was and still am these books can be read over and over again.

Did you have to re-read any classics for inspiration?

Yes, I did Phillip Pullman and Tolkien were authors I read for the first time and they had some great plots and characters that worked well with my interpretation of flavours.

If you could be any character from children’s literature who would it be?

Dennis the Menace!

How did it feel to be competing for your home region?

It was really nice to have a connection to home again, having lost this a bit working all over the world over the last ten years, Great British Menu reminded me of all the great things about Staffordshire.

Home means a lot to me and it was great to be able to show case what I do for my hometown.

Great British Menu – BBC Two