Climate Action

Food procurement – we have committed to full traceability and sustainability with our suppliers. It is our goal to build relationships with food producers within 50 miles of the hotel wherever possible. Our beef comes from the farm next door where the herd’s welfare is the complete focus of the farmer and his family. All the fish on our menus is selected from sustainable species and is ethically fished. Our gardens supply the kitchen with seasonal produce and year on year we enhance our planting schemes to yield more.

Food waste

We are fully committed to reducing our food waste and recycle wherever possible into compost to use on the gardens. Our food waste is segregated and removed by a company who convert it to fuel. Overall our commitment is to reduce waste at every opportunity


We choose to work with companies who are supporting sustainable initiatives and actively working to reduce their own environmental impact. Where we can, we are replacing products with those that are made from sustainable sources or that have a positive impact on our energy usage without any impact on product quality or guest experience.

General waste

A reduction in waste through recycling and re-use is in place across every area of the business. Where we can, we purchase products that are made from a recycling process and seek to swap out existing products where there is a viable alternative. As a business we are committed to reducing our general waste by 85% to landfill by December 2019. We segregate and bale all possible waste streams so that we can dispose of them responsibly.

Carbon Offsetting

We are working with South Pole to encourage our guests to offset their travel to Whatley, we will be looking at ways we can encourage guests to support our drive to reduce the impact of their journey on the environment.

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