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Best practice - working towards being Net Zero

Working with our team, suppliers and guests we are continually improving our practices and procedures to ensure we operate in the most sustainable way possible.

Below is an illustration of just some of our actions to date.


  • On 100% Rigo certified renewable energy since October 2019
  • Saved 42% on Gas & electricity since Feb 2019 by:
    • Removing Gas from the kitchen
    • Cooking on Induction only
    • Installing new gas boilers Jan 2021
    • Installing a new BMS, Boiler Management System to achieve optimum energy efficiency for our heating & hot water
    • Installing all LED lighting we now use 75% less energy to light the hotel
    • Multiple new energy efficient appliances
    • 6 EV chargers installed

Guest Rooms

  • Zero single use plastic
  • Guest towels and bedding changed on request, not automatically
  • Ceramic Molton brown bottles & toiletries for bathroom amenities
  • Compostable coffee pods and chocolate packaging
  • Recycling bins
  • Digital access to newspapers and magazine
  • Luxurious Ammique bed made from recycled and sustainable materials, located in our top suite.
  • Water reducing shower heads
  • New technology –  water sensors installed in the showers to help reduce water & energy use
  • Very individual reusable water bottles

Public Areas

  • Energy saving lighting
  • Removal of plastics
  • Reduced fresh flower points & replaced with rooted plants


  • Organic beef from farmer next door
  • Only sustainable fish used on our menus
  • 90% ingredients sourced from Uk
  • 35% ingredients from within 25 miles
  • Micro herbs from an aquaponics grower
  • Total segregating all food waste
  • Collaborating with head gardener to optimize the vegetable garden produce
  • Produce in punnets are all compostable


  • Sustainable spa product partners
  • Smartknit towels, 40% less energy to process, 15 % less water to wash, uses less detergent than laundering
  • Use recycled glass as a sustainable pool filter sand replacement


  • Employ a full-time Sustainability Officer
  • EarthCheck Silver certified – No. 1 Certification Sustainability program for Travel & Tourism
  • Zero waste to landfill certified
  • Work with Carbon Neutral Waste carriers
  • All food waste segregated and sent to anaerobic digestion plant to make biogas
  • Water bore hole for garden irrigation
  • Suppliers selected based on their sustainable practices and locality
  • Holding a yearly supplier sustainability workshop to help collaborate and share knowledge
  • In house bottled water in reusable glass bottles
  • Wood Chip Biomass boiler for heat & hot water for our staff accommodation building
  • Use coffee ground logs for our indoor fires
  • Reduced fresh flower points & replaced with rooted plants
  • Paperless Accounts office


  • Installed 4 Beehives in 2020
  • Built a Bird Hide from upcycled materials and sited it by the river
  • Planting schemes to encourage natural habitats for insects, birds, bees and animals
  • Growing more produce in our kitchen garden and green houses to supply the kitchen
  • Bio Char used to enhance the soil for its enhanced carbon sequestration qualities
  • 100% Organic manure used around the garden from farmer next door
  • Zero pesticides used

Charity and social

  • Donations to the Trussel Trust of food & personal care packs
  • On World Earth Day we collected roadside litter with Malmesbury against plastic group
  • Donate furniture and equipment to local charities
  • Purchased 2 Velosophy bikes, with our purchase they donate 2 bikes to girls in the Sahale to help them get to school.
  • Purchase Nemi Teas – they provide work for refugees
  • 10% of water sales to Charity:Water

Reuse – Repair – Recycle

  • Established our own on-site recycling centre
  • On site glass crusher
  • All food waste segregated and sent to energy from waste plant
  • We have reduced our general waste by 30% compared to benchmark measurement 2019
  • Repair and repurpose items before renewing


  • Our commitment to Net Zero and our waste management practices form part of our team induction
  • Regular Sustainability Taskforce meetings
  • Regular whole team briefings are given to ensure everyone stays on the journey
  • Sustainable Development Goal and EarthCheck training

Click to read our environmental and social sustainability policy

From 24th - 26th December the Whatley Manor will be closed to non residents. If you need to contact us please send an email to and one of the team will respond. Thank you