The Chatty Gardener meets David Pearce

There has been a lot of change in the gardens at Whatley since David Pearce joined us as Head Gardener in 2021. David is a firm advocate of no dig gardening, sustainable and ecological horticulture, he is also passionate about the Arts and Crafts movement and is managing the Whatley gardens in accordance with the original ethos of that period.

All of the above ignited the interest of Mandy Bradshaw, the “Chatty Gardener”. Mandy is a journalist and passionate gardener based near Whatley in the Cotswolds. Her writing covers everything garden related, tips and hints, interviews with gardeners and her visits to many flower shows, special nurseries and gardening events. We were absolutely delighted to host Mandy at Whatley and give her the opportunity to spend time with David and his team and dig a little deeper into the plans for the Whatley gardens.

Mandy’s blog post provides a detailed account of the challenges David and his team are facing as they transition to sustainable horticulture and provides plenty of advice for gardeners aspiring to this too.  The gardens at Whatley are changing in a very positive way; sustainable gardening is all about doing things differently and constantly evolving to respond to climate change and the challenges it brings. At Whatley this work is done whilst also maintaining beautiful gardens for guests to enjoy when they visit.

Our thanks to Mandy for such an informative blog, full of great detail and inspiration.

You can read the full blog here

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The Gardens at Whatley can be enjoyed as part of your stay or when you visit to dine with us, guests are free to stroll all areas. During the summer months we run regular garden tour days and participate in the National Garden Scheme.


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