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Our pledge: We pledge to achieve 95% reduction to net zero carbon emissions for Scope 1 & 2 for our energy use by 2028 and to achieve 90% emissions reduction for Scope 3 for our supply chain compared with 2019, by 2035.

Our vision: To be an environmentally responsible hotel, restaurant and spa. To help achieve a cleaner, safer and healthier world for ourselves, our families and for future generations.

Our strategy: Working with our team, suppliers and guests we will improve our procedures and fully integrate environmental best practices into our day to day operations.

Our commitment: To decarbonise our operation we will:

    • Continually review the full supply chain and source responsibly
    • Help educate and build awareness amongst our team, suppliers and guests
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle and embrace the circular economy model
    • Be energy efficient
    • Measure and be transparent
    • Engage and share knowledge with our local and industry community

Our passion: In early 2019 Whatley’s owners committed to embark on a journey that would transform how the hotel operates, creating a sustainable hotel business that delivered a luxury guest experience whilst reducing its negative impact on the planet. Since beginning the journey, we have established a robust Environmental Policy and a strong team culture to support our goals.

Our success: The Whatley team are driven and focussed on the subject and as a result have achieved many significant goals. Under the direction of former General Manager and now Sustainability Advisor, Sue Williams, Whatley gained Silver accreditation by Earthcheck in September 2022, and has retained it for 3 years running, aiming for Gold 2026. There have also been key industry sustainability awards: Sustainabile Business Catey, Condé Nast Johansens – Most sustainable Hotel 2019 – 2024.  In 2020 Whatley was amongst the first 23 UK properties to be awarded a Green Michelin Star,recognising sustainable gastronomy. Our most recent accolade was the Sustainable Independent Hotel Award in The Hoteliers Guild’s Sirius Academy Awards 2023.

Our journey: There are ambitious plans in place, commitments, and pledges to drive the business forward whilst always doing more to reduce our negative impact on the planet now and in the future. This is and will always be a team effort and education along the way will be an essential part of what we do.

The greatest risk to our planet is to do nothing – now is the time to take action.

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Accreditation & Partners


Best practice – working towards net zero


Working towards Net Zero 2028

NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH

Whatley Manor was one of the first UK luxury hotels to be accepted in the NOW Force for Good Alliance in 2019. Working in partnership with Now we can ensure that our sustainability goals are clear and achievable.


Whatley have been committed to transparent reporting from the beginning of our journey. We partnered with EarthCheck, the world’s leading environmental certification and benchmarking program for the travel and tourism industry. We are extremely proud to have received Silver Accreditation by EarthCheck Certified.


We are proud to be members of the UN Global Compact Network UK, working with other organisations that share our commitment to accelerating sustainability efforts and scaling up impact.


Working towards Net Zero 2028

Sustainability news

It must be NOW – Transforming Travel.

NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH

Whatley Manor was one of the first UK luxury hotels to be accepted in the NOW Force for Good Alliance in 2019.

Members of the NOW Force for Good Alliance are part of an inspiring shift in the hosptality industry to raise the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability and decarbonisation. These inspiring properties advances the wellbeing of people and planet by taking responsibility for their impacts on communities and the environment; and they do more than just sustain, they replenish, regenerate and respect limits with sustainability at its core.

The NOW Sustainability Reporting Tool is a tool to communicate our sustainability and decarbonization performance, to inform our stakeholders and engage their support and feedback, and to avoid accusations of greenwashing.

Advancing sustainability is about preserving, protecting, and regenerating the places we love the most. 

Be informed, inspired and empowered to use your spending power to help save our world.

It matters. It must be NOW!

Good for business. Good for the planet.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.  Established in 1987 they have developed accreditation, certification and benchmarking for the travel and tourism industry. Using a science-based approach they help hotels increase efficiencies, maximise the guest experience and minimise their environmental footprint.

Whatley Manor underwent accreditation with EarthCheck to be accepted on the Now program in 2019 and were awarded a four globe rating. This was reviewed again in early 2021 and we are delighted to receive a bronze rating. In 2022 following our assessment were awarded Silver Accreditation, this was retained after the 2023 audit.

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From 24th - 26th December the Whatley Manor will be closed to non residents. If you need to contact us please send an email to reception@whatleymanor.com and one of the team will respond. Thank you