Ricki Weston – The Chef & Restaurant Interview

When Chef’s want to know the latest industry news Chef and Restaurant Magazine is their go to publication. Respected for the quality of journalism and knowledge of their subject it is a publication that has the respect of Chef’s worldwide.

An interview feature spanning several pages is therefore a pretty big deal for any chef so we were absolutely delighted to see that the cover star of the August 2023 issue is Whatley’s Executive Chef, Ricki Weston.

The interview is an open and honest conversation that tracks Ricki’s career from his very first time in a kitchen through to his role at Whatley. There is no glossing over the low points and the raw honesty of Ricki’s career trajectory can only serve to inspire others.

He references the role models that guided him along the way, Sat and Amanda Bains and Matt Gillan (the latter recently visited Whatley to cook with Ricki for a special evening) and Michael Wignell, where Ricki had his first exposure to a two Michelin Star kitchen.

Ricki warmly credits Whatley General Manager Sue Williams for giving him the opportunity to move to the Executive Chef role, her confidence in him was confirmed to all when he achieved his first Michelin star only a few weeks into the job.

His experiences have taught him a lot and learning from his own journey the kitchen at Whatley is a collaborative and supportive environment a great space for young chef’s to begin their journey.

Ricki’s interview is a very honest, encouraging and positive reflection of the changes across the industry in recent years and should serve to inspire the next generation.

A steely determination has guided Ricki throughout his career, this and a very clear passion for the industry he loves is positioning him as one of the top Chef’s in the UK right now. The future is definitely very exciting!

We highly recommend you make a beverage of your choice and settle down to read the full interview, as the introduction to it says, it is a “chef’s love story”


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