EarthCheck Silver Accreditation for Whatley Manor


First Luxury Country Manor House Hotel in the UK to Achieve EarthCheck’s Silver Accreditation

Whatley Manor announce Silver certification through EarthCheck, the world’s leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability and destination management for the travel and tourism industry.

Sue Williams, MI FIH General Manager of Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa welcomed the accreditation, “We are delighted to be the first countryside luxury hotel to have achieved the Silver accreditation awarded by EarthCheck. This serves as a solid testament to the sustainability initiatives we have deployed at Whatley since 2019.

We are committed to continue this challenging yet meaningful and exciting journey – achieving our goals to have net zero carbon emission for Scope 1&2 by 2028, and Scope 3 by 2035.”

To avoid catastrophic climate change, the world needs to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels. Today, we are already at 1.1 °C and feeling the effects, meaning that the window for achieving our target and avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change is rapidly closing. The very environmental values and cultural assets that attract visitors to destinations need to be protected and responsibly managed. The tourism industry and its operators are key to creating this change.

Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck, said that Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa has taken a significant leadership position in sustainability.

Mr. Moore said, “I would like to congratulate the whole team at Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa on their achievement. Whatley Manor is a valued member of a global group of tourism operators who dare to make a difference.”

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa has been leading the way in sustainability in the hospitality sector and as a proud member of the Pride of Britain Hotels (PoB) and as the Chairman of PoB, Sue Williams is keen to knowledge share and encourage other hoteliers on their journey.

By working with EarthCheck, Whatley Manor has joined other industry leaders who are taking meaningful steps towards resolving some of the very real issues that face the planet.

About EarthCheck

EarthCheck is the world’s leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability and destination management for the travel and tourism industry. EarthCheck’s holistic approach to responsible tourism and its world leading science enables destinations and operators to benchmark and certify their performance with confidence and surety.

Through its Total Tourism Management™ platform, EarthCheck works in partnership with clients to help plan for the future and guide the design, construction and operation of smart buildings and the responsible management of tourism destinations.

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Whatley Manor & EarthCheck accreditation an overview.

As a hotel in the EarthCheck accreditation program Whatley Manor had to closely monitor and report on the environmental and social impact of our business.

EarthCheck sets out 10 Key Performance Areas for assessment

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  2. Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management
  3. Management of Freshwater Resources
  4. Ecosystem Conservation and Management
  5. Social and Cultural Management
  6. Land Use Planning and Management
  7. Air Quality Protection
  8. Wastewater Management
  9. Solid Waste Management
  10. Environmentally Harmful Substances

As part of the accreditation process we were required to submit answers to questions related to the 10 Key Performance Areas and provide relevant evidence and documentation. This is then audited during an onsite inspection by an EarthCheck auditor.

For any business it is an essential part of the EarthCheck audit that you can demonstrate full team commitment to the Key Performance Areas. Team engagement has been a hugely important part of the Whatley Manor’s sustainability journey from the beginning and it has been so important on this accreditation journey that everyone was aware of and engaged in achieving goals across the 10 Key Performance.

The team at Whatley Manor are absolutely delighted to have successfully gained Silver Accreditation and look forward to working towards the long term strategic goal of Gold Accreditation.

For more information on EarthCheck, contact:

Marketing – EarthCheck

P: +61 7 3924 4200




From 24th - 26th December the Whatley Manor will be closed to non residents. If you need to contact us please send an email to and one of the team will respond. Thank you