Float away, rest, repair and restore

Imagine floating away into world of your own, being totally weightless, relaxed and totally at ease. The Iso-pod floatation experience offers a unique treatment that benefits, mind and body, allowing you to relax so deeply that you can meditate, ease the stress in your body and manage any pain.

The Floatation Pod has its own purpose built suite which immediately feels warm and comforting, the tank is filled with over 500kg of Epsom salts mixed with 1,000 litres of water at body temperature to create the buoyant environment that allows you to float effortlessly. Without the pull of gravity you can relax all of your muscles and release tension.

The lights go down and gentle music plays for a short time to encourage you to quiet your mind and completely switch off. If you drift off to sleep this is perfectly safe and music plays before the end of your session to gently bring you back into full consciousness.

After your session you can take a warm shower to remove the salt then slip into a robe and spend some time relaxing in the Tepidarium to reset.

How you use the Floatation Pod is quite personal to you, you can change the lighting and choose to bring the lid down or leave it open, as you come to relax and enjoy the experience you will gain more from each visit.

The Floatation Pod experience can be booked as a stand alone treatment or as an addition to a Spa Day package.

Sixty-minute session in The Floatation Pod is £56

Alternatively book a course of 5 sessions for £250

Call to find out more 01666 827 070