Spice up your Wednesday with a taste of Italy in The Green Room.

On 6th June, join us for an event that will make you question whether you’re in Wiltshire or in Rome.

The evening will start with aperitivo—the social hour in Italy where people unwind and “open” their appetites with drinks and pre-dinner snacks. Hosting aperitivo will be Del Professore representative Gianfranco.

Del Professore is a Rome-based spirit and liqueur producer, and we will discuss these craft libations while you sip. Expect gin, vermouth, spritzs, and negronis.

For dinner, Chef Maria Luisa Massardi will be making risotto so good it will have you saying, “mamma mia!”

We want our guests to have a fantastic time and arrive home safely. Why not plan to leave your car with us overnight and return in the morning for complimentary pastries and coffee?

For more information about aperitivo, click here.

£55pp View the menu here