Wednesday 18th July 2018 Persie Gin, the touring Gin Club comes to Whatley

Gin is having a moment, always a much loved drink it came in one or two varieties and you had one or two choices of tonic served with lemon and ice.

Oh how things change, if your order a G&T now you will be faced with a vast array of different Gins, garnishing and tonics, Gin drinking is complicated but very delicious.

One of the Gin’s stocked in the bar at Whatley is from a small distillery in Glenshee, Perthshire, Persie Gin.

The founder of Persie Gin is Simon Fairclough, who is also the founder of the worlds first touring gin club. The gin club was the starting point for the creation of Persie gins.

We are delighted to have the Persie team joining us at Whatley on the 17th July to talk us through the process of really tasting a gin and getting the best of all the wonderful botanicals that create the unique flavours.

Make ours a large one!

Arrive 7pm

Gin tasting and canapés


We want our guests to have a fantastic time and arrive home safely. Why not plan to leave your car with us overnight and return in the morning for complimentary pastries and coffee?