Zero Waste Week 2021 – Sapling Vodka

To mark Zero Waste Week 2021, which takes place from 6th-10th September 2021, Whatley Manor has partnered with Sapling Spirits to launch Whatley Manor Citrus Vodka. The vodka is infused with citrus peel (lemon and orange), using only fruit from the hotel’s kitchen, which would otherwise have gone to waste.

This is Sapling’s first bespoke blend for a hotel and restaurant, and they’ve chosen to work with Whatley Manor because of the hotel’s impressive green credentials and commitment to sustainability, which match their own values and mission.

The kitchen team at Whatley Manor collected 10kg of citrus fruit, which was then distilled and prepared for use in the vodka. This first 10kg of waste citrus has created 500 bottles of vodka, which are available to buy directly on the Sapling website for £38, as well as at the Whatley Manor boutique.

The 40% ABV vodka is gluten free and the flavour comes purely from the waste citrus fruit, with no added sugar or artificial flavourings. Sapling’s smooth and creamy vodka, with a hint of lemon and orange, is delicious served on ice, and also makes a perfect vodka martini.

To reduce the carbon footprint and to ensure that Whatley Manor Citrus Vodka is as sustainable as possible, Sapling Spirits is local distillery Woodbrothers Distillery, sourced especially for this project. The family-run business is just 35 miles from Whatley Manor and offers an eco refill option, where people can purchase an eco pouch directly from the distillery to refill their bottle.

Whatley Manor is introducing a special cocktail – the Whatley Manor Citrus Drop – to celebrate this bespoke vodka blend with Sapling, which will be available to order in the bar of the hotel. It’s fresh, fruity and refreshing, and also uses honey from Whatley Manor’s own beehives.

This is a natural partnership in line with Whatley Manor’s concerted journey to make the hotel, its restaurants and spa a beacon for sustainability. General Manager Sue Williams and her team spent a year examining every aspect of the Whatley Manor operation to assess how improvements could be made to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate waste.

Sue Williams comments: “This collaboration with Sapling has been a lot of fun, but also has great purpose. Learning how to combine best practice distilling with a waste product makes perfect sense, and has resulted in a very delicious drink, too! The initiative is totally in line with Whatley Manor’s continued endeavours to work with partners who have complementary sustainability objectives.”


Sapling Spirits was founded in 2018 by Ed Faulkner and Ivo Devereux to inspire sustainable change in the drinks industry and to put positivity into the sustainability movement. The company uses extremely local suppliers and ingredients, which helps reduce emissions from transport and also allows them to accurately track their environmental impact

For every bottle of Sapling sold, a tree is planted. Their tree planting projects are in communities where the trees will have a positive impact. For example, they are championing an urban planting scheme in London, which has seen fruit trees spring up in central locations like Elephant & Castle. Sapling has planted 23,306 trees so far.

Clean, creamy and smooth with a touch of sweetness, Sapling is delicious in a martini, vodka tonic or on the rocks. Made in London using 100% British non-GMO wheat, the vodka is 4x distilled using charcoal filtered de-ionised water.



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