A force for good

Whatley Manor – our commitment

At Whatley Manor we are committed to delivering a luxurious experience for our guests and a safe and happy working environment for our team whilst making every effort as a business to mitigate our impact on the planet and its resources.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to minimise their impact on the planet and we are going to work as a “force for the good” to encourage our guests, suppliers and fellow hoteliers to adopt a more socially responsible approach.

What we are doing?

Our team

We have a Green Team of environmental champions; this includes members from every department and across all job roles within the business. Collectively they work on initiatives within the business that will continually enhance our sustainability and environmental credentials.

We educate and inform the team with regular updates to promote environmental awareness, ensuring they understand our mission and are provided with the knowledge and tools to work in an environmentally responsible way.

Energy – In January 2019 our kitchen was upgraded to achieve maximum energy consumption efficiency by renewing all equipment and switching to induction cooking. As we make equipment and operational changes across the business we will continually look to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

  • Our electricity is procured from fully renewable sources, solar and wind.
  • We have a Bio mass boiler that produces enough energy to provide all heat and hot water for our staff accommodation on site.
  • We use energy saving lightbulbs throughout the hotel and have installed three Tesla charging points for our guests use.

Water – we have a water borehole that provides all the irrigation for our 12 acres of grounds.

We have invested in a water treatment plant to make sure all foul water is treated before it goes back into the environment.

We work with the Environment agency to ensure our legal compliance.

Food procurement – we have committed to full traceability and sustainability with our suppliers. It is our goal to build relationships with food producers within 50 miles of the hotel wherever possible. Our beef comes from the farm next door where the herd’s welfare is the complete focus of the farmer and his family. All of our fish is sourced from sustainable sources. Our gardens supply the kitchen with seasonal produce and year on year we enhance our planting schemes to yield more.

Food waste

We are fully committed to reducing our food waste and recycle wherever possible into compost to use on the gardens.


We choose to work with companies who are supporting sustainable initiatives and actively working to reduce their own environmental impact. Where we can, we are replacing products with those that are made from sustainable sources or that have a positive impact on our energy usage without any impact on product quality or guest experience. Our new toweling takes 50% less water to launder and 50% less energy to dry but retains all the qualities of a luxury product.

General waste

A reduction in waste through recycling and re-use is in place across every area of the business. Where we can, we purchase products that are made from a recycling process and seek to swap out existing products where there is a viable alternative. As a business we are committed to reducing our general waste by 85% by the end of 2019.

Electric charging

We have charging points in the car park allowing our guests to conveniently charge their vehicles during their stay with us.


We operate in a very rural community in an area of outstanding beauty (The Cotswolds), we value it tremendously and we seek to make a solid contribution to protecting resources and the environment for future generations to enjoy.

We are surrounded by organic farmland and endeavour with our own practices to reflect this, 95% of our practices are organic, with negligible chemicals being used.

We leave part of our garden undisturbed for the optimum habitat for the wildlife. We have bat /bird boxes placed all around the gardens encouraging them to remain.

Visitors to Whatley Manor are encouraged to explore every corner of the garden and to visit with their dogs. We also give them local walking maps to explore the fabulous countryside around us on foot.


We employ 30% of our team from within a 20 miles radius and our staff either live on property or in the neighbouring towns. They shop locally and spend their leisure time using sports and recreation attractions within our community.

Wherever possible we use local specialist tradesmen for essential works.


We are working with itmustbenow.com who are supporting us on our journey and promoting us as a destination that embraces a more caring and responsible approach to hospitality.

Earthcheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, they have helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. They know that what can be good for the planet is also good for business. Whatley Manor’s practices and procedures have been assessed and awarded a 4 Globe accreditation, this is reviewed annually.

Our journey continues…

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